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Published: 19th September 2011
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As you can see, the basic car DVD players have come a long way in the last few years, providing a unique and affordable entertainment option for road trips, short and long. Many of the car DVD player products on today's marketplace are multipurpose devices to make your driving experience even better. For example, some now come with a built-in GPS navigation system (hardware only, you will need to purchase software for the unit). In addition, some have a digital TV tuner built in for receiving over-the-air television signals. What's more, some models are Bluetooth-equipped so you can pair your mobile phone device with the unit and operate it talk hands-free as well as to dial out, answer calls and stop calls. And most are equipped with an AM/FM tuner for listening to your favorite radio stations and a USB port that allows you to plug in your portable media player.

The Best Devices

There are a handful of GPS Car DVD Players that top the list as those you would want to have placed in your vehicle. Let's look at them more closely:

New Hyundai Sonata DVD - This is a system that reviewers love because it is considered to be the ultimate in car DVD players with auto GPS . It has many features follow this one great asset. For example, its processing speed is astounding, being able to deliver mapping and navigation information to you rapidly. Also, it features of this car GPS system include a huge music library, a large 7-inch screen, DVD playback, 3D landmark icons, point addressing, traffic flow lanes, iPod controls, Bluetooth compatibility, text-to-speech technology, and turn-by-turn voice instruction.

2 DIN car DVD - Comes with an interactive GPS navigation system for optional and is Bluetooth enabled. The global positioning system approved CE / FCC and runs all of today's most popular GPS software packages so you can find the quickest way from point A to point B in your home language. In addition, it has an easy-to-understand LCD display as well as touchscreen control with audio. You can enjoy a picture as sharp as your television set so that you can not only see great map images, but also enjoy your movies, making this device one that makes being in your car as comfortable as being in your home.

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